♦   Freedom Blueprint is a personalized actionable plan which will help you understand how you can reach financial freedom.

♦  Freedom is the act of deliberately choosing what you want to experience and accomplish in life, rather than letting society or the status quo determine your life. Freedom only has meaning if you actively pursue making it a reality.

♦   Does your financial situation support your freedom? Do you live life on your terms?


Your investment is 289 EUR


♦   Be confident with your finances instead of being overwhelmed, confused and wondering how to manage them so you can focus on progress in other areas of your life

♦    Manage debt, spending, saving, and investing so you achieve your goals faster

♦    Break your psychological barriers around money so you can attract more wealth 

♦   Know what to do to achieve your financial and life plans so you live a more fulfilled life

♦   Take control of your financial future now


Your investment is 289 EUR


  One 1.5 hours call (1:1) via Skype

  Clarity on your current financial situation and your desired financial situation

  Analyze if you are aligned with your goals

♦   Working out the cost of achieving your goals

  Understanding your net worth, income and expenditures

  Practical advice to increase income and reduce what you spend

  Understand your investing profile and possibilities

  A financial strategy that works for you to help you take control of your finances and reach financial freedom


Your investment is 289 EUR


♦   You pick the date and time for the Freedom Blueprint session

♦   You make the payment online

♦   I will send you an e-mail containing the information you need to prepare as input for our discussion so you get the most out of the call

♦   We will have the 1.5 hours Skype call to work together on your Freedom Blueprint

♦   After the call I will send you the Freedom Blueprint

♦   This service comes with a money back guarantee, so there is no risk to you. If you are not happy you get your money back

Your investment is 289 EUR


I had 1 appointment with Jen about financial freedom and she really helped me to structure my current financial position. The appointment was well prepared with a questionnaire and very personal. Beside her knowledge on the subject Jen is a very kind, enthusiastic, conscious woman and highly energetic. She already reached financial freedom herself at a young age and therefore she is an inspiration. She is the proof that it is possible and she knows from personal experience which steps are needed. Therefore I highly recommend Jen as your personal coach to financial freedom

- Esther van Leeuwen