♦   This is a one hour coaching session.

♦   Are you stuck or do you have little progress with your financial or personal goals? Do you have questions related to personal finance, your business, your life or your freedom? I help people overcome obstacles, get unstuck, get back on track and take action to achieving their goals.

♦   This is your chance to get a honest and independent opinion about your questions or struggles. If you are stuck but don't even know the question, don't worry, we'll figure it out together!


Your investment is 149 EUR


♦   To be confident instead of being overwhelmed, confused and wondering what to do

♦   If you have questions about one or more of these topics: manage debt, spending, saving, or investing

♦  If you cannot prioritize work so you can actually get it done

♦   Discuss psychological barriers around money so you can attract more wealth in your life

♦   If you have questions related to financial freedom and how you can achieve it

♦   If you have any other questions related to your business, finances or personal

♦   If you have no question, but you are stuck


Your investment is 149 EUR


♦   One 1 hour coaching call (1:1) via Skype



Your investment is 149 EUR


♦   You select the date and time for the Coaching session

♦   You make the payment online

♦   I will send you an e-mail containing the information you need to prepare as input for our discussion so you get the most out of the call

♦   We will have 1 hour coaching call via Skype

 Your investment is 149 EUR


Jen is a great coach on so many levels! She helped me to reach my full potential and achieve my professional goals. Through her guidance, she has helped me understand priorities, optimal choices, and the importance of establishing self-worth. I recommend Jen to anyone who wants to live their dream.

- Mariana Suripto