About Financial Freedom Explorer


My mission is to help, inspire and, empower individuals to take control of their personal finances so they can explore and achieve financial freedom and a greater personal freedom.

I do this by supporting them to:

  • Simplify personal finance so they can easily understand and apply the same principles used by people who created wealth and achieved financial freedom
  • Become financially aware and overcome the personal obstacles holding them back from being financially successful
  • Be in control of their finances instead of being overwhelmed, confused and wondering how to better manage them so they can focus on progress in other areas of their life
  • Understand the principles of wealth building and support their steps to find an approach that works for them
  • Understand that financial freedom is achievable and guide their actions towards achieving it


 “The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.”

– Benjamin Disraeli


Problems addressed

Did you know that it is possible for almost anyone to achieve financial freedom?

Financial freedom is generally used to describe the state of having sufficient personal wealth to live, without having to work actively to cover your expenses. For financially independent people, their assets generate income that is greater than their expenses.

Despite this possibility, reality shows that less than 50% of the people will not even consider this option.

The issue is that, today, a flood of information hits us every minute and it becomes difficult to separate valuable information from junk and take action. The result is poor decisions based on misleading information:

  • Finance is complicated. People tend to avoid taking financial decisions because they think this subject is too complicated and they are not able to understand it. Financial industry uses jargon which is not easily understood by everybody. Certain financial decisions have massive impact on people’s lives, this aspect makes decision taking intimidating for them, they leave their decisions to other entities (banks, institutions, pension funds, etc) who have different interests than they do. I simplify these concepts and empower people to understand them and take better decisions.
  • Unhealthy consumerism. Everybody buys more stuff than ever so they can throw it away sooner than ever before. Appearance of wealth becomes more important than wealth itself. Level of debt is growing based on the unhealthy behavior of people who spend more than they earn or all they earn. The solution is creating awareness about what contributes to happiness and what doesn’t.
  • No self-discipline. Managing personal finances and building wealth is a long-term process that requires persistence. I help people to overcome the obstacles and their limiting beliefs which prevent them from achieving their financial goals. I support people to stay on track and pull them towards their goals.
  • Conflict of interests. Most financial advisors have an advantage from positioning and selling certain financial products or services. I don’t sell any financial products or services, I am simplifying personal finance to help people increase their financial awareness, be comfortable with their own financial decisions and reach financial freedom.

These freedom destroying limiting beliefs and actions are caused by lack of financial intelligence and they can be addressed through education, support and accountability. My objective is to transform the ocean of information available out there into actionable and simplified guidelines and support you to achieve your financial objectives.


Who am I and why should you listen to me?

I am not a financial planner or broker. I am a professional business and IT consultant who achieved financial freedom at age 35 by applying common sense to personal finance. I’ve been always connected to the finance world through the financial software lens, advising corporations on how to create, manage, automate and optimize their financial plans and business models.

I walk the talk and have the results to prove it. I will not speak about theoretical matters which can be found in books but I will connect directly with you, find what your objectives are and advise you on your next steps. I made financial freedom my focus and I spend most of my time collecting and analyzing information so I can simplify it and pass it to you.

I learned how to manage my finances through formal and self education, reading books on personal finance, investing, and from people who master their finances and achieved financial freedom.  Of course, my education and exposure to corporate finance gave me a jumpstart on the learning path. Now, after reaching financial freedom, I want to continue my journey giving back and helping others to reach this objective. Moreover, I think this field allows never ending learning, therefore, I can still grow and improve my skills while I will share my knowledge with you.

I reached financial freedom at age 35 building my wealth from my job income plus investing activities. Most people have a salary or business income but never reach financial freedom. Regardless what that income is you can reach financial freedom too if you manage your finances wisely. The timeframe can differ.

Working as a consultant offered me the opportunity to travel extensively and collaborate with people from more than 20 countries. I am told I can adapt easily, take into account cultural aspects, personality specifics and I genuinely enjoy assisting others.


Why this website?

I met various financial advisers willing to help me “improve” my financial situation, however, I realized quickly that they were rather looking to improve their own. By simply educating myself I avoided high fees and costs which could have destroyed up to half of my portfolio.

Most of the financial advisers out there make their income based on fees charged to you when selling financial products or based on their aggressive marketing skills. I don’t use marketing tricks and I don’t sell any financial product, I help you manage better your finances by:

  • Analyzing your personal financial situation, mindset and believes and make them work for you so you can achieve your objectives
  • Help you create a strategy that works for you
  • Simple mathematics
  • Accountability

The focus of my approach is on personal development and how the pursuit of financial freedom leads to a transformational path to personal fulfillment. Experiencing freedom means experiencing life on your terms and this is priceless.